Exporting textures


Is texture export working? I say that because I’m only getting base colour and strange colours on the height map. Normal map is outputting black onto blue background? etc.



Noo that sounds wrong. Which OS are you running on? Could you check whether changing from jpg format to png makes any difference?

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I’m running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I’ll try outputting as JPGs and get back to you.

Exporting as JPG’s is kind of the same! black and yellow on a blue background for the Normal maps and pink on red background for height map???

Hm investigating now. Could you please try painting the default cube using the normal map below? (by plugging it into Normal Map socket)


And the exported normal map for comparison.

Hi Lubos,

Thanks for the Normal map files they both work okay. My model however does not export anything other than COL and Roughness correctly?
Maps are exporting as follows: Normal = blank, Occ = blank, Met = Black, Height = red. See attached COL UV… My model was exported from blender as fbx. Could that be the issue???
Thanks for your help.