Feature Request: Brush warps to object

Hello, this is just a feature suggestion to make armory easier to use. Many advanced 3d painting softwares have this feature, and I think it is a very essential tool for almost any painting.

So the traditional projection painting of a brush can cause many issues, notably, paint spilling, and texture deformation. Imagine painting a cylinder for example, simply take a sticker, and paint it on the curve of the cylinder. The center of the sticker is going to be perfectly projected, with no deformation. However, as soon as you turn around your cylinder, you will see that the sticker stretched on the edges of the cylinder. What this feature would do, is that it would take the area of the paint brush in account, and would only paint a congruent area on the mesh surface, and it would also only project the brush perpendicular to the faces (normals).

Effectivelly, the best way to imagin it is the brush warping on the surface of the mesh you are painting. This would fix:

1: Spill. In cases where the area you wish to paint is in front of another object, or the object you want to paint is very thin with other objects nearby.
2: Deformation. When painting textures on the mesh, the textures would not stretch themselves with the projection from only one perspective. (very useful on corners or round objects)
3: The user can evenly paint surfaces that are hidden or out of sight but on the same surface. Eg. A pillow with small folds on its side, in which the first fold hides the valley between the folds. (With the usual projection painting, the two tops of the folds will get painted, but not the valley between the folds)
4: Harsh edges caused by masks. Although some of the above mentioned points can be fixed with masks, this will often cause a harsh edge on the side of your mask, and blending the area with the last material, or the next one you are going to paint becomes difficult without all the aforementioned issues coming into play.

Note: this is only a feature suggestion, and is not a demand, or a criticism for the existing software, I love what you’ve done so far, and hope to see it grow even further.


Thanks for posting this! It really helps to see what should be done next. I have created a new ticket at

If you have more ideas on what should be at top of the list feel welcome to post that as well. :slight_smile:

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