[Feature Request] Please add to the list below for mobile development

Please add to the list below
for mobile development.

  • Please add save and load data, even using the Write Storage node, on android it does not save or load data.
    note: it asks for permission to save data - I noticed that I didn’t ask for this and in the smrtphone settings it doesn’t have any authorization maybe that’s the cause of not saving.

  • Please add - admod - advertising without this it is difficult to earn money from games organized with armory.
    leaving only paid versions available.

  • screenmode - even setting it to landscape it starts the game in portrait the user has to turn the smartphone to change the mode.

  • Please add - peer to peer - https request- for multiplayer games on android.
    I don’t know if websocket nodes works on android.

With these 4 things, I believe you can already make some types of games.

Hi. I made your post a wiki, which means people who have an account to this forum can add directly to your post.

To address some of the requests you made:

If your device is asking for permissions, this has nothing to do with Armory - this has to do with you as the person using the device.

I don’t quite understand. Admod has nothing to do with engine features? It would be on the user end to implement such an integration. I’m also not quite sure what you mean by paid versions, if you’re referring to Armory, Armory is free and open source, so I think it would go against its nature to have a paid version of it, although in the early days of Armory, it was a paid product (pay to download).

I remember you asking about this. Please create an issue report on GitHub so that it can be seen more prominently: https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues.

WebSockets should only work in a browser (EDIT: And also HL targets), although I too do not know if that also extends to mobile browsers. A personal suggestion, perhaps you should test before asking a feature request for it? i.e. if you don’t know something if something already exists, how do you know it’s actually broken?

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about the request i mean that some games pops up a message asking for permission to use the storage amory does not.

about admod - advertisements are all about it. Some engines have integrated ways to place ads either through Google Ads or another platform.

Thanks for answering.

Armory probably doesn’t ask for permission with the Write Storage node because this node stores the data within app-specific internal storage that doesn’t require any permissions:


I understand ! but i tested it and it’s not working
well I just wanted to request these functions if possible the developer to do it is good if not to do what?

I believe this would improve armory a lot because many people want to develop for android.