Feature request:render

I would really love to see some kind of built in render feature where it makes a high quality render using armory engine and then exports it as an image. It also would be cool if you changed the armory icon to something other than the Krom k.

That’s very possible and was actually a feature at one point. You could still attempt it yourself in code with something like this, but that’s pretty technical.

You can set your own Icon if you want when you export your game.


Ok thanks. I didn’t know you could Chang the icon

It would be a great feature, if it worked! Currently, it only exports a png file to the project folder, also as a png with the name = icon but the published game to windows(krom) or any other build, remains with the same Armory icon.

Please advise, if this is not working properly only on my Blender 2.83. I reinstalled both Blender and armory SDK, including the latest 2021-3 version.

Using the custom icon setting is not supported for the Windows(Krom) target. I think it’s because Krom is precompiled (= already exists as an .exe) and just loads in the generated .js file. So you will have to change the icon with a software such as “resource hacker”, as explained here: https://github.com/armory3d/armory/wiki/windows#krom-js

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Thank you Timodriaan!

I’ve tried so many different things to no avail…