[Feature Request] Voxel Nodes?

Nodes for controlling voxel properties could be very useful and interesting, I think. It could provide unique forms and levels of control over game environments, effects, and who knows what else.

My main inspiration came from the open source games Cube and Cube 2: Sauerbraten, both of which were pre-Minecraft days and did the voxel thing phenomenally well with its in-game map editor.

What nodes would be needed to replicate those game’s voxel editing capabilities? Should I open a GitHub issue for this?

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. To answer your questions:

There are no current logic nodes that do this to my knowledge. Someone would need to implement realtime postprocessing for Voxel AO and also create logic nodes to tweak those exposed values at runtime.

Please do create a feature request, yes.

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Not sure if this still runs on current versions of Armory. But below is an old repo for such a voxel world, written in Haxe. It could be used as a starting point or a guide for the logic of such a world.

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Thank you. I was thinking of that project when i made this thread. I’ll look into it, even if I have to use an earlier version of Armory (pretty trivial to do). Which version should I aim for? I could use the dates as a guide.

Since I don’t know Haxe, I may not be able to derive good nodes from it. But, my thought was to be able to assign actions to control inputs that would affect the “generation” and modification of voxels and their properties/attributes.

Essentially, my hope is to enable the creative powers of the Cube games in Armory projects. It would be cool to use Armory to build a true successor to it (Tesseract was attempted, but never really went anywhere, sadly…plus the name implies a number skip, since a tesseract is a 4-dimensional object lol). But, some people might want to use it to build a Minecraft-style project or integrate aspects of either or both into something else in more creative ways.

Here’s a small demonstration of editing in Cube 2: Sauerbraten I found, just now (some language): Cube 2 Sauerbraten - YouTube

Another example from a different project: VoxRay: A new Game Engine by Aardappel, creator of Cube/Sauerbraten - YouTube

I was thinking more as an alternative to geometry for level environments (both visible and invisible elements, like boundaries) than for advanced effects like ambient occlusion and such. But, that could be cool to control through nodes, too.

Given what I’ve posted above, do you still recommend I open a feature request ticket on GitHub?

And thanks for replying. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t. I mentioned this in the past on Discord here: Discord

You are always welcome to create one. To be honest though, implementing realtime post-processing for Voxel AO would require a lot of new and extra variables / attributes, as they have a lot of settings.

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Okay, I’ll do that in a bit.
Again, I don’t really care about the post-processing effects side of voxels nearly as much as I’d like to control them for geometry-type purposes.

Bumping this thread with a link to the created feature request in case anyone is interested in implementing the discussed feature(s) from above:

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