Features missing

I noticed some features is missing or not exposed like rtgi, and volumetric light. is this an issue or a choice to prevent some issues as they need more work or to be reworked ?

I’m assuming that things are being re-worked right now.

I actually have a checkbox for volumetric light, but it is not working at the moment ( it worked a little bit ago, but again a lot is being reworked ).


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Yeah, will be there in final build. Basically just needs to be re-plugged into the new clustered renderer.


I don’t realize volumetric light was in another section. Volumetric light in post process and volumetric fog in compositor. RGTI sitll not there. I guess need more work. Is RTGI still produce light leaking and flickering in your developp build @lubos ? Will we see vulkan support in next release ??