File not found error win error2 on a PC used in Japan

hello to all.
I am really interested in Armory,
because I can do things in Python, and the concept in itself is really really interesting.
I know that this is not yet a full production ready soft.
But I willing to bet on it.

what I do are not games, but I use hdr.

In my test file, I am trying to move from one scene to an other, the world have a HDR.

There is a Error message.

“file not found error. Win error2”

I think that One of the soft does not manage well Japanese, not sure of that.

I put everything in C:

What should I do

Ensure, both of your scenes are on Cycles Render since, when ever you create a new scene, blender switches to Blender Render.
It also helps, if the Images are in same directory as your blend file.
Also, paste blend and your console output (it usually has the errors mentioned)

Thank you very much for your answer,
to be franck.
I twikked some settings, mainly the Path.
And everything was much better.
I have plenty of other problems, like the z axis in Blender is not z axis in Armoy K,
but Will try to deal with it later.
Ones more thanks!
I never realized that creating the scene will put back on Blender internal engine.