First ArmorPaint Experiments (screenshot)

No doubt AP has a way to go to get up there with some of the commercial options out there, but the results from a completely opensource package are excellent for use within the game-dev space!

This screenshot was taken within the Unity editor window. The scene uses only real time lights, single materials per object (apart from the transparent on the eye ball), and it also has no post processing (forward renderer).


I’m really getting into this software! I’d really like to see other people’s work with it too though - especially if you’re working on game assets and have pics taken within engine. Could you guys post examples of your paints?


Some stuff I shared that I made in armor paint. Mostly just tests.

I am looking into making a tutorial, since there are none. Making a color id map in blender, bringing it into armor paint, and all the basics (masks, nodes, materials, exporting, settings etc.) But I don’t know if people will really learn much from that, or if it’s worth it.


Nice! Thanks for sharing, Sojan.

I came across your shipping container video when looking into Armorpaint actually. I think as it grows it’s well worth making video tutorials. Keep them coming!

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Playing around a little bit more today with metalics, rust, flesh and skin. Definitely a few artefacts occurring on UV seams when layering up materials/brushes (I still think that a simple pixel bleed option would fix this), but the results aren’t too bad.

Screenshot taken from within ArmorPaint this time. I did do an import into Unity which looks fine, but no time to set proper reflection probes.