Flightsim forest

I wanna make prerender every tree or treegroup to sprite with orthogonal (I try setup several ones in unity, looks fine) projection. I hope to get some perfomance and cool views. What is the better way to realize such thing profitably, maybe particles,… etc ?

Prerender? Unity? Could you please elaborate.

Just making rendertotexture every frame for tree with current main camera angle, and I simple need a way to draw much numder of not rotating sprites. This method looks good for me and I haven’t seen it before in games.


the render to texture example is probably a good starting point for your idea.

Generally, you want to make sure that you use instanced rendering or particles (which in turn use instancing), this way you send the tree/sprite geometry only once to the GPU and the GPU then duplicates it for you. This is much faster than rendering all tree sprites one by one.

For instancing you can check out this example and there’s also a wiki page about it. If you don’t want to define the positions of all trees in advance but spawn them dynamically, you will likely have to use a bit of Haxe to interact with the instancing or particle systems.

Btw, I believe the technique of faking geometry with sprites is called “imposters”, maybe you find more information and ideas by using that keyword :slight_smile:


I loose much fps using billboard example with big number of bunnies (because of transparency? (Is there was some option?)). Can I put just unshaded scalable sprites, instead of 3d object?