Flip normals

When normals on a face are flipped the wrong direction, that face becomes transparent. I can just go through all the faces of a model and make sure the normals are facing the right direction to fix it.

I was wondering if there is a technical reason for this and whether it’s possible to make Armory3D work regardless of which way the normals are facing.

I’m new to 3d modelling so if making sure normals are facing the right way is best practice, then I’ll start doing that from now on. I haven’t messed with it because it just works in Blender.

In material properties, you can set material to be two-sided.

However, using a one-sided material with correctly set normals is better for performance. So I recommend that you make a habit of setting the normals correctly instead.

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Pushed one more fix to the Two-Sided option in the git version, thanks to @guzzard.

There is also Make Normals Consistent operator available in edit mode, which may help to fix normals in some cases.