Foot alignment to terrain in Armory3D?

Hi everyone, I am new to Armory3D and wondering if it’s possible to make a characters feet align to terrain slope such as when walking up a hill, and also adding procedural things like character adjusting for obstacles like stairs or small rocks. If it is, would anyone be able to point me in the right direction on how to implement it? Any tutorial or examples would be greatly appreciated as well! Thank you everyone who can reply to this :smile:

Hi, with “feet align to terrain slope” you mean feet IK, right?

I will assume the answer is yes:
to implement something like that maybe you could start by looking at resources online like this: (or maybe other that are more detailed) to have a general idea about how it should work, and then maybe tinker with the movebone example from the repos to see if the code could be modified to fit your needs.