FPS controller with nodes simplyfied

Here is just an example on how Logic nodes can be extended to make the life for “noders” easier. If you want to use these custom nodes now, you have to install logic_pack. Maybe they will be moved into standard Armory later, but I don’t know how to.

Here are screenshots from the new traits:
the body

I actually wanted to use a drop-down menu instead of the integers in the translating nodes, but I couldn’t get it to work.



Thank you.
These nodes make armory accessible for more people.

I can’t install this logic_pack in order to work with these nodes too.

Are you sure you have the correct folder structure? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imZI0yeEtjQ

Yes, it seems. In the folder of my project, I created a file “Libraries”, and put the logic_pack from GitHub there. Maybe i need to do something else? I turned off my blender beforehand.

Logic pack is not showing up in blender ,there are ,“Unknown” nodes.What I am doing wrong here ,.Help

Hi, The logic pack is very old (2 years old!) and has not been updated since. In the meantime, armory has changed a lot. So there might be compatibility issues.

Are you looking for any specific node from the logic pack? Most of the nodes in the logic pack are already available in armory by default, albeit with different names

Okay that’s the issue.I wanted to use the camera control and character control ,with the intention of taking advantage of limiting camera angles features.I know this can be achieved in nodes but wanted an easy way of doing it

I made a small example of how a 2 axes camera limit can be achieved with current nodes. If this helps, feel free to use it…

limit rotation.blend (1.0 MB)

Ok thanks a lot let me check it out.

On another note ,What I am actually going for is a helicopter control system , where whith the mouse ,a player can control the helicopter like pitching ,etc .But want the helicopter to be limited in terms of rotation .Hence limit camera rotation.

I think the example I provided can be adapted to this helicopter control system too.

Definitely ,cool thanks.It worked