FR: relative paths into kha.js

Not sure which category feature requests go.

I successfully embeded Armory html5 result into a static page on a web server.
I noticed that putting all files as is into the post folder doesn’t work (getting 404 for some files that are present near kha.js).

Scene.arm and some other files paths must be at root, they are not called relative to kha.js location but to the domain.
I planned to add more Armory content on this domain.

Before it get fixed: Does anyone know what can/need to be done to fix that and be able to run multiple Armory html5 delicacies on the same website?

Feature request are better suited in the github repo:, I suggest opening one there if there isn’t one open already for that.

I’m not sure what you mean with post folder, but subfolders from within that domain works fine on my end without being at root, they even work fine with subdomains - For instance:

Are you able to give custom .htaccess or mod_rewrite settings?

But I agree with the feature request, being able to change the data structure would be nice

Thanks @Naxela and @M_Ent8h

It’s on gitlab pages, so no .htaccess or other Apache settings :frowning:
Now, you make me wonder why it doesn’t work in my case.
I used Publii (static pages builder for Wordpress switchers) and I switched off fancy URL (permalinks) but maybe there’s something else on gitlab side.

I wrote to you on your Youtube video, really hope to see a tutorial soon about your setup with Haxe and JS :slight_smile: