Frame Rate option

I changed “Frame Rate” option in “Dimensions” tab that was 30 to 60fps, i don’t see a difference.
How can we check the frame rate in game ?

You can check the frame rate (both in fps and ms) under the debug console (enabled in the Armory project panel).

Thanks (i think it’s missing in the documentation).

I’m surprised, it says 33ms, while there it’s clearly not running at such frame rate.
The debug console is not reliable.

Most of my games and the templates are all running at 17ms on my computer. Not sure what the difference is.

Ms and fps are different. 33ms means 33 Pings per second and Fps means frame per second.
Fps is number of frames screen show you in a second.
Pings(ms) means that it sends a message to host and then host send message to you and time taken for this single process is know as ping, it is sorta like echo near mountain, where you yell something and then the mountains reflect this sound back to you and the time taken to do this is called ping.

Fps wiki.

Ping wiki.