Front facing Website facelift

I recently found Armory after the 0.4 release and I am loving it so far!

I want to be able to give back to the people and community that have made learning armory so far, but I’m far off from being able to do my own tutorials, or hints in the engine itself so I decided to give a crack at something that I could be useful for, and did a working mockup of the website. so far it’s just the front page itself, as I didn’t want to dive too deep into the project. but I was having issues with the current site, mainly the responsive layout was feeling fairly broke. you can give the mockup a look over at, and if anyone from the team decides they would like me to continue with the project, Id put it up on my git, released under the MIT license, and crack on with the rest of the code.

again, thanks for the awesome toolkit, and im really looking foward to seeing where armory goes!

EDIT: the “features” link on the navbar is technicly part of the “main page” figured I should mention that as i said that only the mainpage was mocked up, so it might be hard to realise the features link does anything.

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Hi, it is great that you take time to give back and contribute !

I like your header, it works well on my setup for every sizes. On the layout/responsive side, the current website looks more usable and readable for me.

What looks broken for you on current website responsive layout ? For what resolutions ?

@tkp nothing is “broken” really, it was just a bad choice of wording. there are just certain elements that stood out that i felt could use some work, especially with the mobile view (single column view). the patreon button became very large and that caused it to look pixelated and blurry from being up scaled so much. the navigation felt strange to me being on the left, and only being able to use it from the top of the page. the images also didn’t position themselves correctly, so instead of text-image-text-image as you might expect, you would get text-image-image-text-text-image

I went and uploaded a new version of my mock up with some basic mobile navigation, and declared the viewport meta attribute (whoops!) which should make the site scale MUCH better on different displays. also messed around with some font sizes and font families for (hopefully) better readability

Super cool, already looks cleaner to me than the existing one. Would love to see it on git. Thanks for your work on this!

The new responsive breakpoints/layouts and the mobile menu work great !

thank you for your work on Armory, @lubos! what I’m doing is just a small small drop in the bucket.
I’ve gone and done a bunch of code restructuring and cleaning to get everything a bit more lean and production ready as well as adding in the footer. the template should now be fully responsive, and fully scale. the footer will expand to the height of a viewport, if that pages content does not reach the bottom of the viewport.

the base theme is now at
the armory3d specific repo is at

its not currently done, but I wanted to at least get it all up there and start doing version control on it.

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@lubos and anyone who is also interested, pushed what SHOULD be the final commit to get the new site up and running. you can check and try to break it right now over at I’m sure there are minor things that may need tweaking here and there, but the site itself should be totally usable (no broken links, good breakpoints for a responsive layout) The git is posted above, and anyone can feel free to fork/pull request/open issues I’m releasing the code for the site under MIT.

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Yay, will start the migration and post back. Thanks once again. :slight_smile:

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