Fun with Armory

Hi there!
I’ve been following Armory for quite a while now and now that there’s finally some preview builds it’s time to have some fun. My goal is to share work I do in Armory with the community, and hopefully it’ll inspire/benefit others.

I’ll most probably post more projects in this post, but this is what I’ve got to share right now:

Screenshots are taken from a build running deferred_path_high with probe size 2048. Simple HDR lighting, and basic Armory PBR shaders. Very smooth in the browser! I plan to run it through substance and try to make some fancy shaders soon, but I figured It’d be fun to share this now. Please let me know what you think and if you’ve got any suggestions!


Very good. you can make some toturials ?

Wow, this is amazing. Considering the current state of things you are a magician!

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I plan on making tutorials/contributing to the documentation however I’m waiting a bit to allow time for some features to be more fully implemented.

Also, thanks @lubos !

I’ll be posting an update with real textures tonight.


Man I hope I’ll be able to render out stuff when the 3rd version comes out. If not, I’ll just have to keep reporting bugs until I can.

@Sirgeorge What’s going wrong, if I may ask? I had a couple of issues getting set up myself.

@llim1 Well I’ve got traceback errors and cannot read property errors. That is the stuff that I am having problems with. I hope build 3 will fix that for me.

I had traceback errors too, if you’re up for it, I can take a look at the errors you’re getting and I might be able to help.

@llim1 Sure, I can send you files I already sent to Lubos for the logs. Personally, I haven’t learned enough programming to deal with errors yet and most of my contribution towards the community will be in terms of tutorials, manuals, updating the wiki, staying active, and making art.

be the gudluk

Is there any other way of doing this?
Well, most of the time I am safe of getting stuck.

Doing what? Model? Texture? Lighting?