Future and Current State of Armory3d

Hello everyone!

From a long time back from experimenting with other Haxe game engines I wanted to see in which state armory3d currently is. I saw a new armory3d update months ago but it wasnt a huge one I believe. How many people are still using armory3d for developing games??

Hi !

Armory has seen quite a few developments in the recent months. There’s now a monthly release notes available at https://armory3d.org/notes.html

Some of bigger updates are that Armory now has a very good Live Patching system in place thanks to @ timodriaan. Ive implemented shape keys in armory recently. There’s also an online armory example viewer here developed by @ tong. Multiple lights are supported thanks to @ M_Ent8h

Apart from that I’m working on improving the animation system and physics for now.


Someone might want to check the example viewer. Keyboard input for the animation examples is not working. Also picking up the crystal from the platformer locks up the game for me. Terrain examples does not show terrain. Bowling pins fall through plane (add physics in Blender)…

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Hey @QuantumCoderQC

Thank You for your message. I didn’t know that the amazing community was still working on armory3d. I saw that there were added some new nodes and more different kind of things. What I still miss is the updating of the engine itself. I only see that changes were made on top of that but the game engine itself does not get an upgrade. The core of the engine still needs to be updated because major elements of a basic game engine still doesen’t work like for example mulitple light sources and a proper animation blending system. I worked so many hours with animations and didnt get a satisfying result like from unity or unreal engine. Im just thinking that armory3d might be dead because the lack of important elements that is still missing…

That’s awesome to have HTML live demo examples displaying the capability of Armory3D, it’s just like how three.js promoting their live examples and docs, It’s important to let potential users to see the live effects from internet.
I hope some of those broken examples like bones manipulations and rigid body can work out under new version of Blender 3D, although we know that there still are some issues to work on compatibility solving, I think game developers would like to have full control on bone system to grab things, just keep on those good works!

Thanks for the reply.

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, Armory already supports multiple lights. Please check https://github.com/armory3d/armory/pull/2102

The good news is I have been working on improving this aspect of animation system. Here’s what I’ve managed to achieve so far:

Animation Blending:

Blend Space:

Root Motion:


@QuantumCoderQC: can you give rough estimation when these fantastic features will be available in Armory?

Hi, it should be available by Feb 2022 build. I tried to get it done for Jan 2022 build of Armory but still have a few small things to clean-up and add some basic documentation to the code.

But, if you want to try it, you can already do so by using my iron and armory repos instead of the default one.