Game Engine

Hey guys i have a few questions surrounding armory as a game engine .The first of these is for the people who have the preview build, Does it currently contain those features yet and if so what so you think of how they are coming along? The second is how do people think the release armory will compare as a game engine to other more established game engines? Finally the third is that on the front page it states that “As a starting point, you can choose one of the available game prototype templates”. I was wondering if in the final version templates would be the only option for game development?

Hi Michael!

What features do you have in mind? Most of the stuff is still all over the place. The engine is just slowly getting past the phase “no-one can get it to work at all”, and now entering “this feature doesn’t work” phase.

I like the pace things are coming together so far but I may be biased. :slight_smile: This is all thanks to the tireless feedback and support on all fronts. Right now this project is probably more about arriving at a new island with a few like-minded people and nothing built on it. If you like the core idea then it’s easy to influence things and hop on board with new ideas. But you will not be able to build anything gigantic, there is just no means for that yet. If you are after that, then investing time into more established game engines is a better idea right now.

How it will all turn out at release? Well, I do not know that but I will do my best to keep Armory a well designed tool ready for the future.

I can only say that I’ve already seen my objects and my characters in a way I never thought would be possible in real time, looking better and in an easier way to setup then Unreal Engine, Unity and Godot. Also, me personally and clients, without blender, have played them in Firefox, thing that I’m still waiting to do in Unreal Engine and Unity (Linux versions (if it’s possible to do it’s much harder in every way)).