Game Freezes again

Game freezes again, it happen when ammo collide with enemy.Holding shoot button on enemy will freeze the game.No errors on both krom and HTML, and compiling in C++ takes long time.
Here of what happening when my game crashes (I don’t know much of C++, so i don’t understand it).

I think Physics are not stable, i reported many issues already; you’ll have to report on Github or wait for a new update.

I hope you’re not working on a commercial game ?

Nope not a commercial game, look like it that there a lot of bugs with physics related. lubos said that 0.6 would be focused on graphics, so i guess i will wait now and in meantime i will create a report on github. Still, i cant think of many game without physics in it.

.zip file here ->

I want to make small arcade fun game project, it’s not possible with open source like Godot or Armory, i’m doing it with UE4 because physics are stable and let me do any gameplay i want without bugs.

For me stable physics and gameplay possibilities matters lot more than graphics and reflections :joy:

About your bug, sorry i don’t use C++ (and i could not get it to work in my environment).

I hope Armory 0.7 will focus on physics, because it’s physics are the worst compared to some other small 3D engines.

Volume entering another collision volume

Box volume unable to get gravity applied correctly.

Are you removing the bullets at some point in the game? Perhaps the engine just can’t deal with the amount of physics happening if too may moving parts. I have been able to have a bullet collide and actually move my character but I keep the amount way down. That won’t work for a machine gun but I can say I have seen it working. I am using nodes and not code of that matters.

Yeah, It remove bullet after some time(i.e, time is set so that it get removed once it goes of screen), and it get removed after collosion with enemy. There aren’t many moving parts, Bullet spawn in like every 0.2 sec.
There isn’t problem with spawning many bullet with more speed rather it is with collosion.

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Why not use Godot 3? Unreal and Unity are maybe buggy because baking lightmap. For bullets/physics is very good from Godot 3. You can try. I see many bugs from Armory3D please use source from Godot in Armory3D - I am sure that bullets/physics

Godot 3 use same physic engine as Armory (Bullet Engine). It is just that Bullet is not fully implemented in Armory and is buggy. I thought to go to Godot 3 but could not find my place there, it was really different, because I came from UE4. I moved from UE4 because there were lack of C++ tutorials and there were tons of tutorial for Blueprints, because i couldn’t warp my head around Blueprints. And for Unity their physics are way too clanky and Unity is way to bright and couldn’t get used to it. And whole importing and exporting thingies. I still use UE4 tutorial as reference in armory. Armory workflow look just right to me, only thing is that it need to get mature.

Both Godot and Armory can produce great graphics looking as good as some Unity or Unreal 4 indie games (Godot third person demo for example).

Where they need to get mature is about physics features and usability.


But Unity is maybe not good for collision if you walk and jump and walk in game over than 128k or more than 128k it happens player falls down from floor. Ue4 is lagging if you play a lot of balls or more than 10 millions i don’t know but i played since than ue4 crashed. I think godot 3 has high newest bullet version from website like Urho Engine. It is bullet system you can have very latest mighty build version if you try to fix with Armory3D. Or OhmiHx of BabylonHx?

Most Unity or Unreal 4 indie games works very well and are stable.
Perhaps you are making tests to the extreme or you are making very specific usage of physics.
I’m not sure Godot 3 physics are fully stable either.

Let some time to Lubos to look at physics after 0.6 is released :sweat_smile:

I read your answer, why delete it? There was nothing wrong with it…
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