Game freezing and then crashing after being published

I have tried publishing as both native (c++) and as krom. In both instances the publishing goes well and when I start playing the game it all works. But when I switch to the game scene from the menu, I can walk around a bit but then after about 15 seconds it freezes and then crashes or just freezes.

Really appreciate any of your guy’s help. Maybe its an optimisation problem? despite my PC being able to run it?

When you run the game from Blender - Armory Player, is everything ok? Is this an issue only when playing published builds?

It was only an export issue and still is when running the exported version. However, I updated armory and now cant play the game at all. I press play and it says compiling… but then nothing happens and there is no game or anything. I looked at the console and it exported everything as normal without any errors that I can see and says done at the end. I’m very confused as to why its doing that

Edit: It was still saying compiling so I just switched the setting from Krom to browser which is when I got a build failed message, it is also when it said finished in * seconds. Does that mean that even though it said done it was still finishing it but just taking ages to do so?