Game like that in armory?

Hello guys, i’m new to armory, but i know blender in middle level, and i don’t know how to say…it is possible to make a game like Layers Of Fear with Armory? i mean, armory support high quality of textures and materials? i see, the new armory release version compatible with blender 2.8, it suport only Eevee render or also cycles render?
Other question is, the scripting language of armory it’s only Haxe, and c++?(outside the UI,Node method to programming, because this is not a language programming) armory not support javascript? because Haxe in my opinion it’s hard to understand.


I don’t know the game, but I think one can create any game with Armory. It has badass rendered and lightning tech. You have to check your self. And if you dont care about dynamic shadows you can bake textures from Cycles. Or do a mix.

Cycles and Eveee is for preview in editor, armory has it’s own run-time rendered, that is powered by Kha tech.

Haxe is an universal high level language, that translates to others when making a build (for HTML5 game to javascript, for Android to JAVA, etc.). There is no real scripting right now, when u change code, you restart the project and it compiles to JS for the preview window what is based Krom

The problem is that Armory is only 0.6 version and it’s not production ready. So before you aim for big games, think twice.


Also check, section “Code”

Hey @adiranolah182!! I know the game ist very cool btw. I think you can make a game like layers of fear but i recommend you to do this with haxe scripts.

Armory support also other languages? maybe c++?

You technically can use JavaScript if you don’t want to target iOS and Consoles, but I would definitely recommend using Haxe, you are going to have a much better developer experience using Haxe. Haxe can be confusing with certain portions of the language, but it is still a very nice language, and in practice it shouldn’t need to be complicated for you to do what you’ll need to do in Armory.


If you want to write C++ to provide a library for your game to use, you can. We use Bullet for physics which is a C++ library. Using C++ as the primary language to program you game in, would not work very well because there wouldn’t be a very easy way to interact with the Haxe code that the rest of the engine is written in. Also when using Haxe you get almost instant build times, which is a huge productivity boost.


A critical thing to realize about the Armory system is that it is Haxe that is responsible for producing the actual “deployment” to any given platform – and/or language. Haxe generates(!) source code in C++, JavaScript, or what-have-you. It is an optimizing compiler that produces much better Flash (e.g.) than Adobe ever did. And because it is a much stronger language than JavaScript ever was, with a very strong sense of typing and “compile time,” you’ll never write JavaScript “by hand” again!

When you compile “native” to a particular platform, the compiler and SDK of that platform do the work … but Haxe generates the source-code that is given to them. (It is comparatively rare, yet possible, to tailor your Haxe source-code to a particular target.)

Armory, Iron, Kha, etc, to Haxe, “are merely ‘packages.’” Out of many, many hundreds. Have a look sometime at

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