Game project : Freak Runners

Hi !
I’m new to the forum (from France).
I’m making a racing game with Armory 3d, this wonderfull addon to blender.
It allows us to replace BGE with a lot of powerfull tools. I’m sure it will be soon a reference in game making.
I’m almost exclusively using logic node. I know text coding but I really appreciate to use the graphic way to code the logic.
My experience (3-4 month with Armory, 3-4 years with blender, 20 years of various codes) is that you need how to code to use logic nodes. Hard, but really pleasing.
Hard again, with this bugged, still in progress, engine. What works today won’t necessary work with next version of Armory.
I love Armory, I’m sure it will be the next good tool to make games.
Now one pic of my project :

I will surely post other pics next time.

with love.