Game templates

Armory templates should be called player controllers instead.

There should be game templates, fully featured games demos.
For example the first person or third person should have enemies with AI, HUD, hit effects. This is a better way to show how to make a full functional game in Armory.

I submitted one on github.

Perhaps some of us will be able to use the examples and make game templates.


nice idea, tho i think Lobus should focus on armory itself, since there is only one person working on armory.
maybe we should wait until his crew gets bigger than one,
and untill then that job is ours to submit to :black_small_square:Showcase category.

Not showcase, but free game templates instead of game controllers.
I will start making an fps arcade game, i don’t know if will succeed there is some many bugs in Armory (phycis bugs, raycast does not give anough infos, navmesh issues).
At least i’ll do the effort to start it :joy: