Game working well but randomly quitting with no error


my game randomly quits after some minutes (can be 1, 30, or more) but I can’t debug because there is absolutly no error message…

I’m sorry I could not isolate the problem. I will try and tell you if I solve it on my side.

here is the blend (CC0) :
test.blend (1.4 MB)

It is not a problem of your part. After the last submodules update, Armory is crashing randomly for everyone and ikr no one knows the reason yet, so i recommend you to go back to a previous version if you wish to release something. I don’t know if the crash happens in all targets, so you could try to export to a different target and see if the error still happens, and please report if it don’t occur in any target

Oh, bad news…
For me, it happens when I run with Play (F5). I didn’t try to export.
I hope it will be resolved in future updates of Armory. I will continue on the last version as I’m not ready to release my game.
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

PS : I’m OK to share the attached project. Its shows how the navmesh system can be used to make a basic (chaotic) traffic system. It could be added to the examples, if it is good enough. Anyone can modify it, consider it’s CC0.


Hi, I wanted to try out your file while running Krom in Visual Studio to be able to find out what’s causing the crash, however it doesn’t run for me, even when running from Blender and not in Visual Studio:

Trace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'fromNode' of undefined
    at (<anonymous>:2174:22)
    at armory_logicnode_SetLocationNode.runOutput (<anonymous>:1418:19)
    at (<anonymous>:2584:8)
    at armory_logicnode_StopAgentNode.runOutput (<anonymous>:1418:19)
    at (<anonymous>:2785:8)
    at armory_logicnode_OnTimerNode.runOutput (<anonymous>:1418:19)
    at armory_logicnode_OnTimerNode.update (<anonymous>:2337:9)
    at update (<anonymous>:5100:28)
    at kha_TimeTask.task (<anonymous>:32678:4)
    at Function.executeTimeTasks (<anonymous>:32561:76)

Maybe this has something to do with the latest changes to the GoToLocationNode (

Edit: reverted the changes to the GoToLocationNode, then everything works. However I’m not able to reproduce the crash, neither in Blender or in VS even after waiting 10 minutes or so, clicking around, minimizing the window, hitting keys, it just works… But I have experienced similar crashes in the last few weeks or months, but very rarely.

In the latest git version of Armory, for me, replacing the Go To Location node manually to the newer one from the trait Shuttle fixes this issue.

As @ timodriaan said, this crashing is a random event and happens very rarely to me as well. So it is very difficult to debug what is wrong.

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