Games Being Created Using Armor3D?


I am a mature gamer who enjoys many games but likes to think I can make a game oneday as well.

I have only just been made aware of Armory3D and like the idea. I have been learning Blender slowly over past couple of years and have a few ideas for couple of basic games I’d like to create.

I am curious to know if there are many games being in development with Armor3D?
Or is it still too early an engine to trust for commercial programs at this stage?

I see there are a couple of small games that were made (pong) which I will try once home from work (my work PC would not run it for some reason!).

What I like about Armor3D is it is integrated into Blender.I still have much to learn. Don’t know programming but need to learn sometime.

Hey @Eladd, welcome to the forum.

I don’t know of any real serious projects that have been started with Armory3D yet, though I hope to start one eventually. It is too early to trust Armory commercially as it is rather unstable, but it can be fun to try out. Also Armory has a well received graphic programming system through its Logic Nodes, so you can get started without knowing how to program!

There are some good thoughts on this topic:

I guess all I can do is give it a go and see what the results will be. I’m sure there will be abit of a learning curve but hopefully it wont be to painful.

Already started doing some research last night. Might start modelling basic scene this weekend. I’m sure I will have some questions along the way. When I am comfortable with something to share I’ll add a WIP in the Showcase section.

Will be interesting to see what the results are like.

Previously I did start to try using Unity and Unreal engine. Just didn’t have the drive. With Armory3d in Blender. I think that will help having all the tools in one place.