Get Haxe in Top 10 best programming language

Haxe is/was ranked 26th in best programming language
how about you all go and upvote it to top 10?(you don’t need account to upvote)
About few hours ago it was ranked 46th and now it is ranked 26th, and maybe in next few hours get it to top 10
(Poll not made by me)

Now, it is ranking top 9th, people from twitter took this shit seriously lol

Dunno … maybe I’ve just been around “programming languages” for much too long (about 40 years now), but I’ve never found the need to use the adjective, “best,” nor to decide it using a public-opinion poll.

There are those who sincerely believe that JavaScript – for instance – is, not only the “best” language, but the “only” one that the world needs. And they can undoubtedly speak from “years of experience,” especially if they work for a company such as Facebook or Twitter. (Who provide what is actually a very-limited application, but provide it to tens of thousands of subscribers simultaneously.)

Haxe is an extremely revolutionary language – certainly the best of its breed that I have yet seen – but at the same time it serves a very specific use-case. It serves, and serves extremely well, two such cases:

  1. You have one application (a game, say) that you want to deploy to multiple environments.

  2. You have one application, such as a web-site, which must be served by multiple software environments in order to complete the user-experience. (e.g. “Flash plus JavaScript plus PHP.”) But you want to do all of this from one code-base so that Haxe handles the “impedance mismatch.”

So, Haxe really is a special- purpose language, not a general one. And, lots and lots of languages are exactly like that. Prolog, for instance, can solve Sudoku puzzles or logic problems and lots of other things, but if you’re not tackling that sort of problem it’s not-at-all useful to you.

I’ve always been fascinated by programming languages – and, I’ve designed a couple myself – but, "the are always tools." And, each and every well-designed tool is: "a tool for a job." The world’s most incredible wrench won’t help you drive a nail. (Or, at least, it shouldn’t!)

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Idk, that poll wasn’t created by me, I was just surfing on web and i saw it and decided to post it ‘just for fun’, but didn’t know people would take it seriously.

The actual way programming language is ranked is by counting PR, Commit, Repos done in that specific programming language not by some poll. AFAIK this poll isn’t gonna break internet in anyway having Haxe in top5 in that list isn’t gonna make it really popular or make it Shocking, but when some new programmer come and they decide to check it and see that Haxe is in top 10 then they are more willingly to give Haxe a try.

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This is the Internet. People take everything and nothing seriously.

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