Get System Language

Get System Language
Category: Native

To get the current system language according to the IS0 639 standard.
The Krom platform always returns “en”. Should work for other platforms (check web-version).

Demo: web.


How can i use these files? Do i have to compile armorpaint with these files? And if i do then i could have native text stencil?

Hi, those files are not for the use with Armorpaint, but with Armory3D, which is a game engine integrated into Blender (Armorpaint was directly based on Armory3D some while ago and still uses the same technology).

If you want to use them (or for others who might be interested):

  1. Move the Python file into ArmorySDKPath/armory/blender/arm/logicnode/native (the native package because this node belongs into that category)
  2. Move the Haxe file into ArmorySDKPath/armory/Sources/armory/logicnode
  3. Restart Blender

But I guess that @E1e5en probably will open a pull request on Github for this node so that it will be available in the next release of Armory :slight_smile:

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Thank you for taking the time to explain. In Armorpaint i can’t use text in my native language(el). For a moment i thought your code was a solution. :roll_eyes:

I suppose you can make a request to the Armorpaint developer if you don’t already have one: