Get the Node Tree and Frame to which a node belongs?

Have we the possibilty to get the node tree

and the Frame Name and Frame Label to which a node belongs in order then to use those data inside the Haxe code of the node ?

Do you mean access from Python or Haxe? Armory currently does not export frame nodes at all, but I think you are looking into enhancing the logic node exporter to do this?

@lubos I find helpful to get the possibility to exploit the node tree or frame into which a node is placed, in order for example to set specialized treatments in the haxe code inside the node.
So it’s only for acess in Haxe :wink:

( example of trivial use case is when for example doing a trace … if we can give from which node tree and frame )

As we have a file “nameofnodetree.hx” created in the “Sources/node/” folder by Armory, it seems that there is already existing reusable things to do it for getting the “node tree” name ?