Get value from text Input control

When adding a Input control at a canvas the text property can be set, but this is only some text displayed at the right side of the control.
These text can be accessed with :

canvas.getElement("Input").text; // gets "My Input"

But how to get the text/value from the left side of the control that typed during runtime?
I tried value, but there is no field value

canvas.getElement("Input").value;  // Error: no field value

In the following example I typed 12345 in a control with the name “Input” and the text “My Input”

How can I get my typed value back from the control?

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Std.parseFloat(a) // where a is canvas.getElement("Input").text

Std.parseFloat() parses value from string

I know how to parse a value form string, the problem is that I can’t get the text I typed to the control.

canvas.getElement(“Input”).text gives as result “My Input” and not “12345”.

Have a look at the DebugConsole.hx

There can you see how to insert the control per code and get the input.

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Oh ok try this:


.getElement() get info about element, in our case it was getting placeholder


Thanks a lot!
That works fine. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the hint, the source code from the DebugConsole helps me!

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Wow…I was trying to make a simple “sum 2 numbers” program. I was almost giving up :-
Thanks this forum I get it working!