Get velocity of a RB local axis

Hello everyone!! I have this logic nodes for a car movement, only when the car is moving this can rotate (± at the same speed), but for this i need the car velocity in Y axis but obviusly when the car decreases the movement is inverted, how i can get the velocity of the local Y axis or a way for transform the vector in positive??

An example:

2020-12-19 23-31-41
The car turns to the other side although it does not have nodes for that, a negative value is being multiplied by a negative one and the movement is being reversed

Thx!!! and really sorry for my english

Connect the Get RB Velocity output in the World Vector To Local Space node and the coordinate will be in the object local space. But this node is only present in the latest Git version, so you need to update.


The latest version of Armory in Git not is the same than the I install from and the node not appear
Thx for the reply

No, the latest version of Armory is the Git version, see the things that has changed here

The version is updated monthly and does not includes changes made in that interval.


Thanks dude! all works perfect!