Getting Haxe to Work on Work PC

I’ve been trying to squeeze in some tutorials at work. I just discovered that I can’t use Haxe or Kide Studio… not sure which, either way, I can’t write code.

In Blender when I press the Kode Studio button in the Render Properties tab nothing happens.
When I add a trait to an object I can’t edit script. A window pops up saying that Windows needs to know what program I want to use to open it with.

Does anyone know what my work pc needs to get this to work?
Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

edit the file in your windows text editor? Make sure you’re using the Armory updater as well.

You might need to add a path to where Kode Studio lives at the settings for the armory Addon. I had to do this yesterday.
Edit: What I actually did here was set code editor to sytem default in addons. Then in properties, I associated the .hx files with a path to Kode Studio
(Opens with:)

Hello, thank you for your reply.
Maybe it’s the lack of sleep… but I’m still felling a little lost.
I found where I switch the Code Editor to System Default.
It’s this part I’m finding a bit confusing:
“Then in properties, I associated the .hx files with a path to Kode Studio”
Can you elaborate? Where do I find Kode Studio? What do you mean associate the .hx files with a path to?
Sorry, and thank you,

Right click on a file with a .hx extension. You get the properties of the file. Where it says"Opens with:" choose the Kode studio editor. You may have to go through a few directories to get to the “Kode Studio.exe” file.

I tried the 2.80 .05 version of Armory today and the defaults “Kode Studio” in the addons section worked fine as it is.

Does Kode Studio come with Armory?
I can’t find it anywhere.

I got it here:
I used
More info:

Thank you,
I got it up and running here are work.

One more quick question, if I may.
Is setting up Kode Studio something that regularly needs setting up before getting started with Armory? I ask because in every video or text (that I’ve seen) about setting up Armory, not once did I see anything about having to do any preliminary setup to get Kode Studio to work.

Thank you,

Usually Kode Studio works out of the box (or zip) I only had to do the other setup once.