Git version engine - PrintNode error

After an update from git (at the wrong moment commits 67fd575), the Print node stopped working normally.

This does not compile:

__________ [Armory] Compiling __________
Exporting Scene
Scene exported in 0.013598918914794922
C:\...\test_project\Sources/arm/node/MyNodeTree.hx:21: characters 57-61 : Unknown identifier : Init
C:\ ...\test_project\Sources/arm/node/MyNodeTree.hx:21: characters 57-61 : For optional function argument 'value'
ERROR: Build failed, check console

Create an issue or once a version from git, then use it at our own peril and risk?

I suspect that the fact is that the quotes for string values have ceased to be set:
_Print.addInput(new armory.logicnode.StringNode(this, Init), 0);

The ‘Init’ value must be in quotes

Yes, I can confirm this issue. If instead of init you put 'init' then it works

Will be fixed in :slight_smile:

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