Gitbook is extremly bad on some devices?

Just a quick question if anyone experiences the same as I do. I am currently stuck on my labtop, and gitbook doesn’t seem to cooperate very nicely with me on it.
First it is extremly slow, the startup takes 2 minutes, switching the files you edit and moving them in the hirachry (?, dont know the name, the left thing) takes aaaaages. And my labtop is not that slow.
Also when moving articles arround it sometimes creates a copy, or deleting other ones, when the same action with another article worked correctly before.

Does anyone have simillare problems?/ knows ways arround this? Are there fixes?
Win 8.1 64bit

Edit: Undo is not working aswell, neither with ctrl z nor edit -> undo, which makes this even more annoing.

I moved to editing the file with notepad instead of this builtin hirarchy. Holy balls is this thing broken.

I haven’t got the same experience in terms of the resulting html (.md) pages, but I read it as you mean the actual gitbook for Windows editor right? If so then yeah, it’s really lacking as a documentation tool - you can try to connect a github account to gitbook account and use their online editor, I can’t say if it’s any better, since they’ve problems with their activation system (suspending instead of activating). - plus, unless you copy paste the final results, (from a copied folder) you get a really messy commit history if you’re using Github for Windows.

Hm, I just edit .md files in Kode Studio and pressing ctrl/cmd + shift + v will show up the preview straight in Kode Studio.

Is anyone aware of better alternative for markdown docs? Would not mind migrating to something different if it easies the editing.

I think markdown is good enough, and there’s a ton of different editors available with various features etc so everyone should be able to find one that suits their particular needs… imho…

if you are using Geforce drivers that are older than the GT500 series (There are GT and GTX and normal GPUs from Geforce.), Or if you are using some kind of AMD GPUs (I know nothing about AMD.), usually Gitbook runs slow.
dunno why this happens, I have a CUDA Accelerated GT260 and its frikin slow with Gitbook. Blender and Armory run “Fine”.
Requirements say nothing about this.

And the only requirement that is important is the thing about NodeJS.
Are they really expecting us to have a PC with no Operating System and be able to see this WebPage?

btw, I’m not really a fan of Gitbook.