Github Templates

Downloading templates from github can be quite confusing.
So I will upload all templates Right Here.
Will keep adding


2:Twin Stick

3:Top Down

I don’t understand why it’s confusing ?
You click on download as Zip, easy ?

The issue is your downloads will not be synchronized with Github changes.
When Lubos improves or fix some issues on a template, your downloads will be obsolete.

Mabe we should just put a note about the “Download Zip” in the Readme?

what exactly are these “templates”? There are already examples up for each of these. Are these different implementations, improvements or what?

Are they up somewhere else? I thought they were just on GitHub. At least the sources anyway.

No they are all on github, not sure why we need them somewhere else. You welcome to host them on your google drive but all the changes would go up on github and you would have to download them, reupload them and post new links. All up to you I guess.

Try downloading a single template.
I know its easy to download all of them but try downloading only one template