Glass Shading Fix

Hey,everyone. I decided to improve Armory’s glass shading and it looks great. I know Armory doesn’t have the best glass shading right now but when it finally does,this will be its future.The Caustic node group is now proper and has a roughness factor. I can’t wait to see this one day in someone else’s game. :slight_smile:


Tell me. Node setup. Please. My words can not describe the awesomeness of yours.

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The Glass node which I integrated into my version of the ArmoryPBR node has a simple setup.



OMG! does this require voxel gi?

I can’t get it to work, when I mix it with a usual Glass shader with “Is shadow ray” as factor it at least works in cycles, but it is totally invisible in Armory. Tried VXGI but still invisible, and now I get this error when trying to turn on refraction:

Compiling shader 1 of 1 (Material_001_shadowmap.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 1 of 1 (Material_001_voxel.frag.glsl).
ERROR: C:\Users\SK\Desktop\Armory\blends\tests\build_tests\compiled\Shaders\Material_001_voxel.frag.glsl:72: 'vVec' : undeclared identifier
ERROR: C:\Users\SK\Desktop\Armory\blends\tests\build_tests\compiled\Shaders\Material_001_voxel.frag.glsl:72: '=' :  cannot convert from ' temp float' to ' temp 3-component vector of float'
ERROR: C:\Users\SK\Desktop\Armory\blends\tests\build_tests\compiled\Shaders\Material_001_voxel.frag.glsl:72: '' : compilation terminated
ERROR: 3 compilation errors.  No code generated.

SPIR-V is not generated for failed compile or link

Compiling shader 1 of 1 (Material_001_voxel.geom.glsl).
Compiling shader 1 of 1 (Material_001_voxel.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 1 of 1 (armdefault_mesh.frag.glsl).

Edit: used updated version of Armory

WOAH! It reminds me of PRISM.

Hi, have you recently test your node in a recent build ??

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.blend file would be awesome :heart_eyes:

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IS there an update of this shader, apparently it does’t seem 2 work for me in the updated version of blender

At the current moment,no.

tried, the set up, in .5 Armory, but still, though it renders fine in cycles its not in Armory.


It need a script, there was a missing declaration on it script, it say does not recognize the “vVec”, and its value was a float, no compatible 100% on its language “between blender and armory” try a latest blender or armory