Good Physics

Great work, physics are working good ( nighty build update)

How was the bad physics before this update that you’re talking about? I don’t see any updates on the GitHub repo regarding physics. Could you please point me to those?


There are some HaxeBullet works (which is part of Bullet interfaces) and I think some armory RigidBody works recently


Armory RigidBody



Why are those cylinder sliding so much, lol. What is that floor friction?

When you increase floor and objects friction to 0.8 and give cylinder mass like 10, the result is very different.
Physics are working great.


Thanks! Do you plan to have contributions to the soft body physics as well?

is this a new update? those are good! a little more improvements and i would say its even better than unity! keep it up lobus!

Well … i should better no comment lol

I updated and tried again the platform example, physics are stable and works pretty well. Lubos did a great job on fixing physics issues.

The physic platform is only a logic node “play animation”, there is no code.

You can do doors, complex animations systems or puzzles this way.