Grass shader

Hi, is there someone who knows how to assign grass shader to to my grass objet to anim it ??

Lubos, in celshade_forest example, it seemsthat you don’t use particle system to emit your grass, did you place them by hand ?? i see in custom material that there is custom material. So i understand that i just have to name write grassmaterial here to achieve the effect ?? If it uses this custom material, is this means that it is impossible to use armory pbr with textures in addition with grassmaterial ?

He most likely used objects as hair particles.

I don’t think so for this particular example. There’s no particle system on the grounds … So i guess grass were placed by hand. Anyway, i’m focus on the GrassMaterial, i don’t achieve to reproduce the effect :(. Krom crash everytime i try…

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Yes celshade_forest example has manually duplicated grass patches, but hair particles should be doable nowadays too, little example on that at hair.blend.

The grass shader is writen by hand on purpose, it is very lightweight to handle countless grass blades without chocking GPU to death. Rest of the objects could still use regular materials & PBR. This particular grass shader was made for the celshade rendering though.

Not sure about the Krom crash, if you can upload your somewhere I can take a look. You need to copy the /Shaders directory and /Budnled/GrassMaterial.json file from the celshade_forest example if you starting in a different .blend from scratch, so it’s able to pick up those custom shaders.


Ok, now it works fine. First time i place GrassMaterial.arm from github shader_pack …
Thank you

It would be great to have collision in this shader ! :slight_smile:

Collision? you can try to fake it with hair particles. However, it only works so-so.

There is a way to add cheap ‘collision’ by moving the blades away from the player (and possibly more objects) in the vertex shader, will put that in eventually.

Ok, great ! thanks to be available for us who use armory … keep the great job. Can’t wait to play with a mature release of armory. When do you expect to release a version 1.0 ?

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1.0 by the end of this year, 0.3 is around the corner now. :slight_smile: