How many cell phones today have gyroscopes (as well as accelerometers), and what’s the present extent of Armory support for them?

Is it reasonable to deploy a game which requires a gyroscope?

Most moderns cellphone​ have those features. However, at the current state of Armory, support for those kind of specific features don’t make sense.
However, if you have programming experience you could try add the support yourself which is relatively simple in Armory.

“Don’t make sense,” or simply, “hasn’t yet been done?”

Hasn’t yet be done, and it will not be done until more critical parts of the engine gets stable.

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Okay, good enough. (We’ll see if this turns into a “pull request.” Not sure yet if our application will need the gyro, but if it does we should have the “chops” to contribute.)

I presume that accelerometers have always been a feature of a cell phone – (true?) – but would an API concerning a “gyroscope sensor” need to have the ability to determine whether or not the user’s platform has a gyro installed?

FYI: if you are targeting mobile browsers (as oposed to native compiled app)
keep in mind that due a security issue that came up some time ago
(someone figured out a way to log your keystrokes using only the gyroscope data)
gyroscope/accelerometer access (from the web-browser) is off by default on alot of devices now,
which means your web-app will not get any gyro information and the user
has to go the browser/system settings to enable them by hand.

“Good grief …” good to know. This will, however, be a native application.

AR games are gaining traction and those depend on gyroscope and a few other things, so my guess is that there might be a relatively big market for such games.

There is a Sensor class in Kha and it’s used by iron in the Input class.

There is also an example for sensor in the examples repo.

That’s good to know, but I must say that sensor is not a very intuitive name for that function.

I agree, to find it I looked up the Input API to see if such thing was available, and Sensor was the closest I could find to accelerometer/gyroscope. My guess is that Sensor probably was first a “catch-all class” to gather all sensors but ended up being just acceleration/gyroscope.

Maybe opening an issue in the repo to raise the possibility of changing the name may help.

It’s fairly obvious that the “Sensor” object would be extended to include gyroscopes.