Hair not working



Default cube with default hair particle system. results are same regardless of strand render turned on.

adding hair in games is really hard and un-optimized till this day, and only Nvidia has got good results, with V1 of GameWorks: HairWorks, and getting good results is still really hard, tho I know that someday will be fixed.
edit: and GameWorks is still for windows, and since Nvidia doesn’t want to release GEFORCE EXPERIENCE for Mac and Linux, do not expect it to get in Armory without serious limitations.

I think you currently have to convert hair systems to a mesh before using them in Armory, and you might need to write your own shader to make it performant. There is a hair example on GitHub. There is also some toon-rendered grass in the cellshade forest template ( I’m not sure if that template compiles anymore ).

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CelShade Forest compiles but this example use object group(i.e., Hundered of grass) and have nothing particular to particles.(Not sure how it handle grass but nope, not particle).

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As @zicklag mentioned you need to convert particles to mesh for things like this right now. Actually you may always need to. To the best of my knowledge even game with the ability to “paint” grass and tress are laying down “real” models and not particles in that sense. You can do this in blender by going to the modifiers section and converting a particle system to mesh.

We could probably add a feature to Armory that would automatically apply the particle modifier for hair systems like it does for the other modifiers. @Monte_Drebenstedt Do you think that would make sense? I might do that real quick if it looks easy; it could be good for user experience. Obviously it couldn’t do dynamic hair systems, but I don’t think anybody is really expecting it to do that anyway.

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That would be a great idea. Don’t have a clue what it would take. For Dynamic stuff I think you can still make the Particle System “real” and then key frame the result. I have done that for stuff made in Animation Nodes and it can work well. I guess it all depends on the situation what would be best. Particles can be used for so many things in blender that don’t really translate into what particles are in many game engines.

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It is possible to fake with a cloth modifier.

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But IMO. Should not grass be particle and not ‘real’ grass. I mean it faster and all then loading ‘real’ grass meshes. Lod with particles is in fact I think is faster than Lod with meshes.

Not true. Amd has tressfx and its open source. You can find its code in github. Tomb rider games use tressfx for hair. Also works on linux. Even plugin for blender exists for exporting to tressfx.

Does Tressfx have scalability ? precision Vs performance choice.
How is the workflow to use Tressfx? Let’s say i have a character and hair models, how do you make it work in Blender ?

Nvidia Hairworks running on GTX 780

Dunno how do you add tressfx in blender but Tressfx is way better than Hairswork.
Tressfx run best on Amd cards(Ofcource), and run nicely with nvidia cards too.
Hairworks run best on nvidia cards(Of cource), but run terribly on Amd cards.
Tressfx is much faster and optimized than Hairworks.
Simply put, hairwork is nividia answer for tressfx by saying We cAn Do iT tOo and OuR cArDs ArE bEtTeR.

I remember Lara Croft reboot and tressfx had impact on performance, so it must have been optimized. To resume, Armory needs TressFx support.

Is this what you guys are talking about because it looks like it is only for DirectX. That won’t work for Linux or Mac then, right?

It has vulkan port on github. Tomb rider games run on linux native with tressfx feature on.

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Did someone tried , does it impact performance on Nvidia 3D cards ?

Another way to make hair is to combine shader with character movement to make short hair swing. When it’s long hair, use some physics joints and collision volumes.