Hard to Delete a node tree

Why is it so difficult to delete a simple node tree ?

1/ delete it with the delete button

2/ verify before quit that not selected the first left button image

3/ save and quit

4/ reopen armory

… and you are not always sure that the job is done … :pray:


it’s not armory’s, but blender’s fault.
it’s a little bit annoying, but hey, it’s free software, right? :wink:

I think you just have to shift-click the X before saving and closing Blender.

I think Armory does have a tendency to mark LogicTrees with the fake user to make sure they are saved even if nothing is using it. That means that if you delete a node tree, build the game, then save and close Blender, because you ran the game, Armory will have made sure to set the fake user on the node tree and now Blender will keep it around.