Has Contact Question

I’ve been going through the process of learning to use Armory3D, mainly using Node Logic, and while watching a youtube video tutorial on Has Contact node, a question arised.
The tutorial involved setting up a cube to jump only when it has contact with the floor plane. What if I wanted to make it jump not only with the plane but with any object that has a specific property? I don’t want to have to create a node group for every specific object. So my question is… is it possible to… say… give the objects that I want my character to jump off of a specific property, that I can then plug into the Has Contact node?
Thank you in advance for any assistance,


there are two other nodes that might help you:
Get Contacts (returns an array with all objects that are colliding) and Get First Contact (like Get Contacts but returns only the first object in that array).

Maybe (for the future) it would be best to combine all of those nodes into one bigger node so that it’s easier to find the right node for the wanted functionality. If I get some time I will look into it :slight_smile: