Haxe API - learning

Hi everyone! Can someone recommend me a good haxe site to learn. I already saw at the official site of haxe but it didn’t helped me and the armory3d Manual site (Haxe api) also didn’t helped me much because it doesn’t tell you every function of coding in Armory. The only way I learned coding in Armory is from the examples.


Hi @ArmoryBlender right now there isn’t a whole lot of great documentation on coding Haxe for Armory. The best resources are the ones you’ve already checked out. Other than that, ask questions here on the forum. I can probably help with a lot. I know it isn’t as nice as being able just to read a manual or tutorial, but hopefully somebody will get time to write more documentation soon. A lot is changing quickly and that can make it more difficult.

I’m going to try to open up a poll on the forum to see what people need tutorials/documentation on the most so that we can start picking away at that.

That site should have the entire Armory API other than more recent changes, but I don’t know how recently it has been updated. If it is missing functions then the site just needs to be rebuild from the latest API and we could create an issue on GitHub for that, maybe after 0.6 gets released.

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Thank you so much for your answer. I studied that website. I know the basics of coding in haxe and when I see people out there who are very good at coding in armory, then i have to ask myself, how the fuck did they learned that. Maybe I really should ask on the Forum.

I created a topic for suggesting tutorials and documentation now, too.

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Also note that you can see the actual source-code for Armory at:

… and the source code for Iron and Kha are available there as well.

A search for “Armory3D” will give several projects that involve using Armory in some way – in source-code form.

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