Hello,I need an idea

Hello everyone!,I need an idea for my level,thx to all for answers

I need what the ball enter to the wall and disapear but the ball is more big than the wall (I want a sensation of portal) The modifiers not work and the boolean modifier is not an option,I thinked in the shape keys but not work correctly,i’m a bit locked,if you have ideas you can write them

Thank you! :smile:

Hi !
One solution could be make a part of the ball material completely transparent : progressive_transparent.blend (745.3 KB)
The limit can be adjusted with the “Greater Than” node.


Thank you for you idea,but I need what the mesh disapear for he can enter into the wall

But,your idea it serves me for another level!

that’s why I said the shape keys

I thought about making an invisible collision that makes a part of the mesh very small so that the ball can enter, but for that I need the ball to not have rotation so the small part is not seen, but that was not convenient, and I thought that simply eliminate the ball but does not give a sense of portal, my last idea is to make the floor has no collision and the ball goes down an invisible ramp and there disappears, is very farfetched but I can not think of anything else

edit: I remembered the “set mesh” node, I can make a ball with a split mesh and replace it with the ball, when I achieved that I will show you, I hope it works

In other words, you want the ball to go through one side of the wall, and appear elsewhere in the same scene from a different wall? Like a portal on the same level?

As an option, make 2 objects: one disappears (entered the portal), another appears (another appears).

Exactly! Only i want learn how to use the set mesh node and the problem is solved,the portal i know how to do it

Sorry the second question not
A portal that takes he from point “a” to point “b” at the same level!

Edit:I need this :point_down:


maybe this video can help you a bit:

It’s pretty well explained, maybe you can use some of the concepts in Armory :slight_smile: @mokauno’s idea is very similar to that (minute 10:00 in the video). Instead of changing the collision mesh from the ball, you could make the portal collision-less so that the ball can go through but it is invisible behind the wall.

You’re a legend :sweat_smile:

Thank you!