Hello, you can use a plane as a filter

Hello, I would like the community to see this link, there is a video, I want to ask a question, it can be done in the arsenal enginehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIKk_WFglp0

Hi, I did not fully understand what you want, but here’s what I understood so far: you need to get visual distortion using a transparent plane and a normal map so you get to see the “wavy” underwater effect.

I gave this a try using normal maps and a transparent texture but unfortunately could not get the distortion effect. Perhaps Armory’s PBR workflow is different from other engines?

Anyways, A better way to get it working is to use a post-processing shader to get this effect, but this cannot be done using material nodes. So you might need some custom shaders in Armory for this.

Hello thanks for your help you can make a video if you don’t mind it would be of great help

Hola Jose (from Tijuana?)

Sorry, I don´t think a single video would be sufficient in order to create your own shaders. Convince yourself from the complexity of shader creation by googling for GLSL or HLSL introduction. It requires a hang for math. If you know what vectors, matrices and rotors or quaternions are and how to perform math operations on them, you are in a starting position.

But, hey, i found a nice website with simple examples in interactive compiler windows. You might want to try it out and change some of the values. So you can see directly what part does what. Here it is. Also good is this here.