Help to export to htlm

Is there someone who could explain me how to setup html export ??

You can create an exporter preset like described at

Afterwards you can adjust the index.html file if needed and copy exported files to the server. Is there anything specific you are looking for?

Hi Lubos, thanks to reply so quickly. Well i have a customer who wants me to create some objects and he wants an html 5 export. But i’m not familiar with the process … So i would to test Armory as a solution. What are the The needed files ? I have a compiled folder, html5, html5-resources etc … I have to copy everything exported to the folder to the server ?

I see! Only the contents of the /html5 folder are needed to be copied to the server. Let me know if that worked.

OK thanks.
I have to manage my scene, i will try this. And then if have encouter some issues i go back to you :slight_smile: