Help with Math!

Can anyone explain what the difference between Linear and Linear factor is? The some for Angular and Angular Factor ( actually what is Angular velocity also, I think I know but would like to clarify).

What might be a case use for each?

Don’t know the difference but I think angular velocity is like torque.
Here, this link might help.

If you mean the “Set Velocity” node linear is just to set the velocity and linear factor is the amount the velocity of this rigidbody is being multiplied with every-time it has a physics interaction -> to make it less/more reactive. (I think)
The same goes for “Angular /Factor” but it is not real velocity bot the rotation speed.

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Would that mean the the factor get faster every physic turn or that it stays the same provided the base doesn’t change ?

The idea is I think to allow a possible parameterization for a rotation inertia for example in the case of the torque… to give an image, the more you wind a rubber band, the more the inertia torque increases.