How about this in armory3d?

@lubos :slight_smile: ?

And I thought this an very interesting topic :frowning:

Yo, noise is mainly an issue for path-tracing renderers like Cycles.

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Yo, and the idea is to use path racer real time. One sample, and then filter smooths out the picture.

Path tracers ain’t that fast and reliable yet

One sample is very fast. That’s the whole idea.

I wish someone would read the doc, and then comment :smiley:

Just read through it, although it does seem nice for the future (5+ years), I’m not sure it’s worth using resources on currently (since Armory only has one developer), considering that not only would it also require this to be implemented in Armory, a path-tracer would also have to be coded and be compatible with armory.

One sample might seem fast, but with the denoising, a 1280x720 resolution @ 10 ms on an Nvidia Titan X does seem rather taxing, plus all the post-processing filters which would decrease the fps even further, not to mention the existing shaders would probably have to be rewritten to some degree to accommodate this. To have gamers enjoy this, we’d need some heavy next-gen hardware, but they write they plan to improve the algorithms further, so it might be more efficient in the future - would be good at archviz tho’

Btw -

Keyword being reliable. path tracing in realtime has been achieved, but it isn’t very advanced. There are many bugs.