how can i do map streaming?

how can i do player’s 3D area or map/texture load by streaming like this? like a distance of field rendering

to save ram and vram memory in big maps?

If memory serves their are examples of level streaming in the Armory GitHub, however that doesn’t quite look like normal texture streaming to me. What is the game?

I personaly don’t like when a game does this in a way we notice it! It’s ok for things far from the camera, but for things that are close it’s distracting. Rise Of Tomb Raider for PS4 did this all the time with the displacment maps. If one stoped for a minute sudently the textures would look great and ultra detailed, but as soon we started to run they loose displacement and also resolution aparently.

GTA V has done a great job with the streaming.

I never played it but I’ve seen others playing it and it indeed looks great.
Anyone knows what kind of magic they used?