How can i download armory 3d for blender 2.79?

I searched for weeks on google for armory3d-b2.79 but i find nothing. There is someone can give me that version ?


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Blender 2.79 isn’t supported by Armory since version 0.6. The Blender 2.8 API was changed quite a bit and maintaining two versions of Armory to account for the differences was going to be too much work.

Blender, itself is moving to 2.8 and will never turn back. Time to keep up – as I did.

It’s worth moving to 2.8 with Armory. After a week you’ll not miss 2.79 I think. Everything is so much easier to switch between.

As soon as I set 2.8’s select input to right click instead of the default left click, I felt at home.

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Is blender 2.79 and BGE gonna be gone too? :cry:

Unfortunately yes. BGE will be discontinued.

Blender 2.8 got rid of many things. Some I agree with, like BGE. Others I don’t, like the Blender Internal (BI) renderer. But Armory really does “completely fill the BGE gap.” Blender is a design tool, and a video production tool, not a game engine. Armory is the best “game engine” that Blender could ever hope to be directly associated with, and the fact that the association is “direct” makes Armory a true game-changer.

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I think that BGE is abolished after blender 2.8, but I think can use BGE if 2.79 is used.