How do I make my Logo fade in and out on the UI Canvas?

How do I make text and an image like my Logo fade in and out on the UI Canvas?

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Here is a setup to fade in and out a canvas text.

I have no solution for canvas images, I do it in 3D with a similar setup.

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Armory’s UI system is limited for now and it is far easier to just make a separate scene where you can store a 3d image of your logo and animate it with the usual keyframes. You can animate the fade in and out by using the armory PBR in the material editor and keyframe the opacity to your liking. You can then just play the animation with logic nodes and have your scene switched to the main game on the done output socket of the animation node


Another case for restoring full Grease Pencil support. We can easily make scalable, interactive UIs like in Flash.

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